Our shop – your record store in Frankfurt

analogetontraeger is a record store for used vinyl in the nice neighbourhood of Frankfurt-Bornheim, where we have been doing business for a decade now. Check out our fine selection of classical music, jazz, rock, pop and blues.

We carry

  • more than 3000 classical records
  • as well as more than 1500 jazz records
  • and last but not least more than 3000 rock and pop records

In addition, we have more than 10.000 used records in stock. As a result, we can only display a small percentage of our goods in the shop itself. So in case you are looking for certain records, you can send us a list, especially if it is collectables your are interested in. Furthermore, if you are a commercial dealer, you might want to check out our special offer for resellers: in short, we’re giving you the chance to buy directly from our storage, if you are planning to purchase a larger quantity.

Please note that we only accept cash.

Our location

We’re lucky that our record store is placed in a very central location in Frankfurt. Therefore, it is easy to reach: you can get to analogetontraeger by public transport in only 12 min. from Frankfurt main station, 7 min. from Frankfurt city center, 25 min. from Frankfurt airport (FRA). We are happy to pick you up at the nearest subway station (Bornheim Mitte) if requested. Check out the public transportation in Frankfurt here.

If you can’t make it during the usual opening hours of our record store, we gladly open for you outside the regular shop hours. In this case, please contact us one or two days in advance of your visit.

Moreover, we offer to send your purchased records at cost price to your home address via mail or deliver them to your hotel in town.

Shop hours: Mon – Fri 2pm-7pm, Sat 10am-4pm.

E-mail: laden@analogetontraeger.de

Phone: +49 69 330 867 64 or +49 (0)69 78081216

Location: (analogetontraeger,) Gronauer Strasse 2, 60385 Frankfurt, Germany

We are looking forward to meeting old and new customers in our record store in Frankfurt – come by and enjoy friendly people & good music.

Covid-19 update Septmber 2022:  Even though the official rules have been abolished, we have decided to uphold certain measures in order to minimise the risk of spreading corona infections. We ask for your understanding that – as a very small company – we can’t afford the absence of even one member of the team and we know that a lot of our customers feel the same way. So please note that you’re obligated to wear a medical or FFP2-mask inside our shop. Please make sure that you’re wearing it correctly, i. e. that it covers both your mouth and nose completely, before you enter the shop. If you don’t have such a mask, please knock on the door and we’ll give you one. We also ask you to keep a distance of 1.5 m to others if possible.

Thank you for your cooperation and welcome to our shop!